Local Experiences – Fish Markets of Cambodia

The more I look back at my first international trip to Cambodia the more I think about how special it was to visit to the local fish markets. Everyone can hit the same tourist spots to see the temples, the mountains, the iconic landmarks and you should! That’s part of

Friday’s Photo – Grand Tetons

Back in November we had a buddy visit from California and we were able to make it up to the Grand Teton National Park. This place is so special and I love visiting! Here’s a photo I snapped after hopping out of the car and shivering through the 40+ mph

2019 Wyoming Wildlife Photo Issue

I submitted a few photos for the February issue Wyoming Wildlife Photo Issue and three photos were chosen to be printed! It’s so cool seeing your images in a magazine 🙂 Thank you to everyone who supports my drive to improve my photography skills 🙂 and of course thank you

Three Ways Cambodia Changed my Mental Outlook

I met my girlfriend back in April of 2017. She is an avid travel bug and as I got to know her I thought it might be fun to give international travel a try. So in September of 2017 we packed our bags and took flight to Cambodia in Southeast

Jumping the Gun (What Should’ve been my First Post)

I noticed multiple people describing what their blog would be about on their first post. That definitely makes sense and I may have gotten a little too ambitious and didn’t even think to post this first! But on this blog I hope to show the benefits of community throughout the

How to Build Community around your Business (Animal Shelters)

It’s cold, windy, and snowing here in Wyoming. The last thing most people want to do with their Saturday morning is layer up and go outside. Tack on driving over ice-covered roads and unseen potholes and that is the perfect excuse to stay home and snuggle under a blanket. Over

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