Bison Hangout – Badlands National Park

A photo of my trip to the Badlands this summer, coming down the first hill we spotted multiple bison hanging out in the this prairie and had to stop to get a quick panorama!

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Jumping the Gun (What Should’ve been my First Post)

I noticed multiple people describing what their blog would be about on their first post. That definitely makes sense and I may have gotten a little too ambitious and didn’t even think to post this first!

But on this blog I hope to show the benefits of community throughout the lives of content creators. There are so many out there these days it’s important to have community amongst all of the one-person operations. So I will be sharing my thoughts on the effects of content creation on our lives and much much more! I am passionate about the outdoors and preserving the places we love to adventure through, so that will be a large part of my content. However I will be taking on jobs in multiple genres of content creation so you will see a vast range of subjects on this blog. I will be sharing my learnings throughout my journey in improving my crafts of photography, videography, and retouching! I think there is a lot to discuss within these fields, so I plan on creating a podcast and posting transcripts for those who like to read!

No matter the content I would love to develop a community around the blog where we can all learn from each other. As a beginning photographer I know I have so much to learn and I’d love for you to join me in this growing process!

I hope to see you all in the comments soon. Thanks!